Do you want to know exactly how I get at least 600K monthly views on Pinterest?

It’s just three simple steps which if you follow will guarantee your success on Pinterest.

Oh, and there’s a bonus Tip at the end.

I’m going to teach you How to grow on Pinterest based on what I learned as a Pinterest Marketer in the last year and a half, soooo Let’s go!

Step 1: Get Pinterest To Understand Your Niche

Let’s take an example to understand this better.

My website, “The Sage Millennial” is where I send all my Pinterest traffic.

Now, if I upload pins in the gardening niche, or maybe I upload pins in the Printer niche, Pinterest will get all confused.

Pinterest will be like Woah Woah Woah, don’t confuse me!

Your job is to help Pinterest understand what you do so that it can help you grow as fast as possible.

Let’s take a few examples so you could understand better.

You’re a college student in the home decor niche


You’re a one-person real estate adviser working only in Texas

The minute you define your niche, it becomes easier for you to understand what content to create and when to put out this content on Pinterest. Pinterest will help you meet those viewers who are interested in looking at your content.

Quick Tip: As and when you grow on Pinterest, the rule of not diversifying applies less to you.

Step 2: Consistency

The next step to being successful on Pinterest is Consistency.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a billion times, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to hear it a billion more times, but consistency is important not only for Pinterest but for all social media platforms.

When I wasn’t being consistent with Pinterest, I saw huge dips in daily traffic and impressions on my Pinterest account and website.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what my graph looked like when I didn’t upload it on Pinterest for a few days.

Consistency on Pinterest how to grow on pinterest

Don’t expect your Pinterest account to grow overnight. Pinterest is a great platform to grow an audience and build a community, but it takes time.

I think it took about six months to grow on Pinterest. The best way to avoid this is to be consistent and upload daily.

Check out my Pinterest Account here – The Sage Millennial Pinterest.

Step 3: Create Informative and Valuable Pins

To explain this step better, take a look at the image below.

types of pinterest pins grow on pinterest

Look at these two Pinterest Pins in front of you.

These pins have the same heading as they’re of the same topic.

The right pin includes the heading as well as points that explain the topic while the left pin is filled only with the heading and image.

Can you guess which pin performed better?

The right one performed better by over 3k views!

That’s because the right pin provides value to the viewer at that very second. The left pin creates curiosity in the viewer, which ensures you get clicks to your website.

Both these types of pins are equally valuable when you create your Pinterest strategy, and you should have both these types of pins in your Pinterest strategy.

Sooooo Which one is better? Here’s how you decide.

The right pin is more valuable if you want your audience to comment, if you want them to follow and if you want them to share your content.

The left one is better if you want your viewers to click on your pin and head over to your website and read the content from there.

The left one creates curiosity while the right one solves a pain point or a problem or gives some information to the viewer at that very second.

For best results, I suggest you use both these pins to grow your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Bonus Tip: Focus On Quantity Over Quality

You need to understand one thing about Pinterest. It’s not like Instagram or Facebook.

To grow on Pinterest, you need to consistently upload new pins on the platform every day!

If you skip a day nothing much might happen, but in the long term, a lot can happen.

How attractive your Pin looks is very important but not as important as how many pins you’re putting on the platform every single day.

On average, I upload about 4-6 pins every single day.

Now, if I create 4-6 pins every day, that will take so much more time right! To create so many pins as fast as possible, I use a free software tool called Canva.

Canva makes the process of creating multiple new pins super fast and easy. 

They have an intuitive design and thousands of templates that you can use to create 100 pins in less than 30 minutes!

Click here if you want to check out Canva!

How To Grow On Pinterest The Right Way

Okay, To summarise everything we learned today.

First, you need to help Pinterest to understand your niche. They need to understand you and once they do that growing on Pinterest is not so complicated.

The second thing – Never miss a schedule. Always schedule pins, always create pins in advance using Canva, so it becomes easier for you to upload and you don’t miss a schedule.

The next tip you need to focus on is to make your pins more informative and valuable. If they add value to the user, they start loving you, it gets shared, it gets liked, and it gets followed by more people.

Remember, a good Pinterest marketing strategy includes one that creates curiosity and one that also gives you Informative value at that very second.

The next and final tip I have for you is to upload every single day and to upload at least two pins every day.

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