Choosing a name for social media or YouTube is one of the first and most important business decisions you’ll need to make that will define your online presence.

Instead of cracking your brains in an attempt to come up with the best Algorithm centric name, use The MOM Strategy that I use every time I need to come up with a creative name!

MOM stands for Meaningful, original, and Memorable.

perfect name for your social media accounts using MOM strategy

The name you choose should be meaningful and should relate to your target audience

it should be something unique, original something that speaks your vibe.

The perfect name should also be short, easy to read, and memorable!

That being said it shouldn’t be something like Agent7924Caffrey:)

But If you can’t think of anything creative, or you don’t want to waste too much time on it, Just use your Name!

Creators like Jeff Stu, Nick DiGiovanni, and Rylan Agera (that’s me) use their names because a name is often Meaningful, Original, and Memorable!

So the perfect name for your YouTube channel or social media accounts might just be

Your Name!

That’s how you choose a name for your social media!

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