Steal this ChatGPT prompt to write Awesome Pinterest Pin titles and descriptions.

Copy and paste Your Blog Post or Youtube Video Script in ChatGPT. Doing this gives ChatGPT a complete idea of what you want it to write.

Then Ask ChatGPT To “Analyse the content above and suggest 5 Pinterest Pin Titles and Descriptions (each description should be under 500 characters). Analyze the tone and style of writing of the content. Add a call to action prompting users to click the pin, do not include hashtags.”

If you have any other specific requirements for your prompt, add them here

Hit Enter and ChatGPT will give you 5 drafts of Pin Titles and Descriptions ready to publish on Pinterest.

But Wait…….DONT do THAT!

Instead, Go through these drafts, optimize them for SEO, and tweak them as per your liking, then Hit Publish!

Use these titles and descriptions while publishing pins on Pinterest.

Now that you know how to write Pinterest Pin titles and descriptions using ChatGPT, I suggest you read this article next where I’ll be taking you through a simple three-step process that most Pinterest marketers don’t follow, but if they do would boost their organic growth on Pinterest! 

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